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Our Process

Atlas Custom Homes

The Atlas Custom Homes Build Process

Atlas Custom Homes leverages a proprietary building methodology in order to bring you your dream home in record setting time. Our unique 21 step build process ensures that no detail is left unaccounted for as we bring your vision to life!


We take meticulous care in crafting your dream home and look forward to working with you.


Atlas Custom Homes Initial Consultation

  • Review of our building processes and philosophies

  • Explore Client's ideal lot and location criteria

  • Discuss Client's vision for the design of their home

  • Preliminary budget breakdown and evaluation

  • Explore financing options if necessary


Home Site Selection and Evaluation

  • We will work with you to ensure that your lot will meet all of your location and design preferences.

  • Discuss lot dynamics

  • Order topographical survey

  • Order conceptual design plan


Initial Architectural Consult

  • We will visit the homesite to discuss home orientation and topography

  • Review Client's home inspiration photos and floorplans

  • Discuss home style and design guidelines

  • Discuss homes layout and floorplan

  • Discuss windows, doors, and roofing


Architect Conceptual Plan Review

  • Review initial layout and floorplan

  • Assess any and all necessary changes to the layout and floorplan

  • Return revisions to Architect for updates and changes

  • Repeat as necessary


Preliminary Plan

  • Client will receive 1/4" scale drawings of the front elevation, floor plan, and site plan with topographical overlays

  • Atlas and client will review the preliminary plan with designers to ensure an aesthetically cohesive vision


Finalize Preliminary Plan and Specifications

  • We will review with the client each detail, room by room, as we finalize the home plan


Preliminary Plan and Specifications Pricing

  • Atlas will price the home and review the initial Construction Cost Sheet and Specifications with the Client


Sign Construction Contract and Make Earnest Money Deposit

  • Atlas and the client sign the Construction Cost Sheet, Specifications,  and contracts

  • The client places a 5% earnest money deposit


Documents to Lender/Appraiser

  • Finalize financing

  • The client selects an interim and mortgage lender

  • The client finalizes required documents for the interim and mortgage lender

  • Atlas distributes two sets of Construction Cost Sheet, Specifications, contracts, and preliminary plans to lender


Complete Construction Drawings

  • The architect/designer produces the revised construction drawings

  • The client reviews and approves the revised construction drawings

  • Atlas and architect/designer review plans and produce final construction drawings



  • Atlas Custom Homes will submit plans to all local authorities

  • Atlas attends all appropriate local permitting meetings

  • Atlas receives acceptance from permitting authorities


Close Interim Construction Financing

  • With all plans and approvals in place it is time to close on the interim financing

  • Client schedules a date for interim closing with the Title Company

  • Client and Atlas meet at title company to sign closing documents

  • Atlas is now ready to begin construction


Pre-construction Meeting

  • Prior to beginning construction the client will meet with the Atlas Custom Homes team to review the construction process


Lot Clearing

  • Atlas Custom Homes will work with the client to mark all existing shrubs and trees that area to be kept

  • Extraneous trees and shrubbery are cleared

  • Grading and leveling work is completed 

  • Erosion control is put in place


Laying the Foundation

  • A structural engineer prepares the slab design

  • We use hand-tied steel slabs to ensure a stable foundation

  • A concrete pump then delivers the concrete in place



  • Atlas utilizes steel beams to eliminate deflection and carry structural loads over large spans

  • Our frame carpenter builds the walls, joists, rafters, arches, ceiling treatments, cornices, fascias, and decking

  • Windows and exterior doors are installed



  • The rough-in stage involves installing plumbing with top-outs, HVAC duct work, and electrical wiring

  • Structured wiring is added

  • Client walk through to review details on electrical wiring, swimming pool, stereo/computer wiring, and cabinetry


Finishing the Walls

  • Install and check all insulation and expandable foam

  • Install sheetrock, Fire-rock, Dura-rock, and Quiet-rock

  • Client will approve wall textures such as Monterrey Drag, Hand Trowel, and Venetian plaster

  • Client will approve exterior stone pattern/color and approve stucco color and texture


Finishing the Interior

  • Install all cabinetry

  • Install all doors and trim

  • Install flooring, transitions, and decorative borders

  • Together with Atlas the client will walk the home to determine closet rod heights, shelf sizing and locations, etc


Fixture Installations

  • Atlas installs all lighting fixtures, appliances, accessories, plumbing fixtures, bath hardware, mirrors and glass

  • Atlas schedules a final home demonstration with the client

  • Utility services are transferred


Atlas Custom Home Completion

  • Atlas performs a final home preparation and completes "to-do" list

  • Client attends final home demonstration

  • Financial wrap up of allowances

  • Review of warranty information and procedures

  • Schedule and complete the closing

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